About Us


Halcyon Honey offers raw, unfiltered, regional honeys for the American table. Family-owned apiaries dedicated to meticulous bee husbandry is required to produce the distinctive honeys that supply all Halcyon Honeys.

Raw Honey has been cultivated for thousands of years for its’ medicinal properties as well as taste. Halcyon Raw Honeys extend the power of this functional food by mixing all natural herbs and spices to create a superfood used for health, well-being and happiness. Enjoy!

We keep it simple and traditional

Our recipes are designed to take advantage of the health benefits of simple, wholesome and natural ingredients. Our honey is harvested from local beekeepers who share their passion for healthy bees and quality honey. Each ingredient we use is sourced for the highest quality to ensures that the best is brought to you in every jar and bottle we make.

We believe health is a partnership

Health as a partnership is one of our core beliefs. We all have a responsibility toward our personal health and that of our neighbors. Food is an essential player in creating this partnership with health and wellness. Having nutrition options that merge old world technology with modern research, as opposed to dependence on over-the-counter drugs, is an exciting way to support health. Halcyon Functional Foods believes we can make a difference by contributing to the wellness of individuals consuming our products.

We use Raw honey as a foundation for our functional foods

Honey is used in so many ways around the world that it is truly astounding. We ferment it, use it as a base sweetener, employ the healing antimicrobial benefits and simply enjoy the wonderful taste. At Halcyon, it allows us to work with some of the most caring beekeepers in the Midwest and showcase their passion for their craft.

Bees and honey represent more than a tasty sweet. They connect us to the fragile ecosystem that supports life in a way that spans across time. The resilience of honey can be tasted in every bite of Halcyon Functional Foods products.